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   Many people had joyous, spiritually transcendent, and life-transforming moments with Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, messengers for the Great White Brotherhood. By collecting these moments here, we hope to tell the story of who Mark and Mother really are—adepts among us who healed, blessed and awakened thousands of souls to their great God-potential.

   The witnesses on these pages are first-hand accounts, as well as photographs taken by students who personally knew Mark and Mother, and worked or traveled alongside them. You will also find an overview of their teachings, and a list of links and community resources.

   If you have a personal witness or picture of Mark or Mother, we hope you will share it with us, so we can publish it on this site. If you are a spiritual seeker who would like more information about Mark, Mother and their teachings, please email us and we will do our best to assist you.

   God bless you.

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