98 and More Work to Do!
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Esta Buckland

      1998 was year filled with milestones in my life and my experiences with beloved Mother. In May of 1998 I celebrated my 90th birthday —and what a celebration it was! About 125 people attended a picnic on the lawn, including Mother and her son Seth (4 years old at the time). It was a great occasion with friends and children everywhere. Mother had a wonderful time, took pictures with many of our friends and told me it was just the best party ever. So it was a very precious day for me, especially since Mother gave me a personal birthday blessing. After being in the Church for 20 years, I felt this was the ice cream on the cake!
      Two months later I developed a blood clot in my left thigh and had to be rushed to Billings Hospital in a big plane for immediate surgery. I had no time to think about danger, yet I wasn't afraid. I had talked to Mother that very morning and she had assured me that I would be okay. She said she had looked at Mark's picture and he told her: "It's not time for Esta yet. She has work to do."
      So I went into surgery knowing that Lanello was right by my side. When I woke up in the hospital I saw my friend Grace, our minister Carl Showalter and the Ascended Master Lanello—all holding my hands. Grace and Carl had come and stayed with me all night because I wasn't even expected to live. But when I woke up I was very much alive! So alive that after a little while Grace and Carl decided to leave so that I could recuperate.
      I got along very well and was soon back at home in Paradise Valley. Every day since then I say a prayer of gratitude: I am grateful for another chance. I am grateful to be alive. And I want to thank Mother for her blessings and comfort too!